Meow Studios is a start-up company located in Eastern Europe. We specialize in creating various apps and games as well as offering client services.
We are a young tech company specialized in creating games for the main mobile markets (Google Play, Apple App Store, Windows Apps, etc)
We have vast experience of more than 10 years with creating graphical assets as well as more than 5 years experience with creating full projects for a variety of platforms.
We are always looking for new ways to test our aptitudes and discover new platforms to create projects for.
We have developed hundreds of small apps and games as well as more complex projects.
Our efforts have put us in the top 5% app developers on the Google Play.
With a total of 3 million downloads for our apps we are willing to continue growing and share our expertise with our clients.
Our goal is to become a leader in the industry in the following 5 years.